Hello amigos,
We're TalentProspect...

Fernando Legarreta, Chief Executive Officer

CO-founder and chief visionary with the firm conviction to support society with great changes to create more pleasant realities to live. I am in charge of facilitating the magic between StartUps and talent always using the best practices and the best customer service. Fernando had a spiritual awakening, so don't panic if he start with abnormal talk about your inner self, just don't move and he'll stop.

Cinthya G. Romero, Chief Legal Officer

CO-founder and legal side. Legal expertise on technology projects, has made a name of herself as an expert of terms and conditions and legal protection of Intellectual Property. If she is not at work is because she is al ways craving tacos.



Laura Bucio, Chief Information & Finance Officer

CO-founder Engineer Laura Bucio works in finance and information to prepare, analyze, organize, visualizate data and make better decisions. Also she tries to make the attempt to design the impressive social media content. when she is not working, she is at the gym to have more muscle than Dwayne Johnson.

A sneak peak to us...

As long as we’ve been working with tech companies we realized all of them need the best talent to scale up. We are convinced Mexico and Latin America have the best talent to scale up every startup, they just need the perfect joint. That’s why we create TalentProspect, we are the bridge between the best latino talent and the best startups all over the world and we are convinced that all together will achieve great things.

Our Values


One of TalentProspect goals is to monitor the performance of both the talent and the StartUp in order to support areas of improvement that will lead to the adoption of best practices


We will always work as a team either with the StartUp or with the talent to show by example that together we achieve more


All leaders will be involved in the day-to-day activities so that we can experience first-hand the service provided to our users and constantly improve it to give the best possible experience


The passion we put into our work every day will always help us to solve any situation and to create closer ties with out users

Guadalajara, JAL
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