Simplifying things for you

                                                             Focus on your product and in the meantime we will get you the best talent in town


Whether you are looking to hire engineering, product management, marketing or other talent, we can help. We will take 80% of the process in talent acquisition for you. Our approach blends talent sourcing, operational support and customized process consulting into one full-service package. We have our own pool of talent plus strategic connections that allow us to deliver top professionals to you.

Our fee for this service is 1 month of salary of the talent (8-9% of the annual salary) 

*Our warranty: 50% when the talent sign the contract and the rest after 3 months of trial.


With us you don't even need to worry about creating an entity since we have presence in 35+ countries in Latin America. We will assist you in hiring talent in town. This means that you are only going to take care of paying us for the talent and we are going to pay for all the deductions like: Taxes, health insurance, vacations, bonuses, among other obligations.

All of this for 10% of the payroll in monthly payments


Thank You For Helping Us To Help You

Our CEO will message you back as soon as possible.

In the meantime:

You got this, the startup journey is hard but beautiful. Keep going!